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1-Management and leadership of electronic learning in education systems.
-Educational management models in electronic learning systems.
-Electronic learning institutes strategic planning.
-Electronic learning and globalization.
-The challenges of electronic learning development in Iran.
-Supporting the learner and trainer in an electronic learning environment.

2-Modern methods and technology application in electronic learning
-Use of web 2,web 3 and… in academic education.
-Learning establishment associated with education development.
-Network clouds computing in electronic learning.

 3-Designing electronic learning environment and context production.
-Mixed learning designing and development.
-Active learning environment designing.
-Self-leading learning environment designing.
-Application of electronic learning to health.
-Various interchange designing in an electronic learning environment.
- Designing electronic learning environments according to population categories (children,adolescent … and people with special demands)

 4-Social,cultural and ethical aspects of electronic learning in health system.
-Electronic learning laws and regulations in health system.
-Economic aspects of electronic learning in health system.
-Social,cultural and moral problems,challenges and consequences of electronic learning in health system.
-Electronic learning/training in cultural and community health level elevation.
-Social and psychological dimensions of electronic learning.
-Health-treatment service quality improvement by more effective training.

5- Application of in-service electronic training,continuing training and urban services.
-Application of information and communications technology in health.
-Electronic learning in continuing professional development.
-Electronic learning for in-service training.
-Citizenship training in health development.
-Electronic city,views and strategies.  
-Electronic learning and traffic accidents reduction.
-Virtual hobbies and education development.
-Virtual hospital and medical sciences education.
-Tele-medicine and clinical decision making.

6-Evaluation and quality control in electronic learning.
-Evaluation of an electronic learning environment.
-Lecturer evaluation of electronic courses.
-Learner evaluation and the methods in electronic learning.